Lifesmart Laboratories Sleep Right Melatonin

  • Sleep Quality: 5/10
  • Supplement Quality: 5/10
  • Sleep Consistency: /10
  • Sleep Onset : 5/10

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Supplement Facts :

  • Pros:

    Helps you recalibrate your sleep schedule.

  • Cons:

    Will make some people feel sick.

    User's Rating

Summary :

This product is a step up from the previous product on our list. It offers a potent dose of melatonin from another reliable company with quality products and ingredients. This sleep aid supplement is a 100% natural sleeping pill made of just melatonin for sleep regulation and sleep quality improvement. This supplement can change your life by giving you deep, restful, quality sleep.


Regulates sleep-wake cycle
Promotes restful sleep
Improves your metabolism
Wards off depression
Maintains immune health
Improves skin and hair
Improves energy
Potent dose of melatonin
Made by a reliable company

What’s in it:

5 mg melatonin
Who makes it: Lifesmart Laboratories is a mid-size family owned and operated business. They are only available online, and as a smaller business, they are very close to their products and they make sure that all of their supplements are high quality and safe. They sell directly to their customers, which makes their company unique and more closely connected to their customers.

Bottom line: This product is made from a potent and quality dose of melatonin. It is produced by a family owned company that is closely connected to its customers, making their products a reflection of their customers’ needs. Everything they make is high quality and customers leave raving reviews. This is one of the best melatonin supplements on the market that will regulate your sleep/wake cycle, and improve your overall health and well-being.

Sleep Quality: 5/10

Supplement Quality : 5/10


Sleep Consistency: /10

Sleep Onset : 5/10

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