Natrol Melatonin Fast Dissolve

  • Sleep Quality: 5/10
  • Supplement Quality: 5/10
  • Sleep Consistency: 5/10
  • Sleep Onset : 5/10

Overall Rating


Supplement Facts :

  • Pros:

    Quality sleep with no groggy feeling in the morning.

  • Cons:

    Not gluten free and does not work for some people.

    User's Rating

Summary :

This product is a fast acting melatonin supplement that will help you regulate your sleep-wake cycle and get more restful sleep. They are flavored tablets that dissolve in your mouth. Effective sleeping pills that are made from melatonin can solve all of your sleep troubles if they are used correctly and produced with quality ingredients.


Relaxes the body
Helps you get to sleep faster
Sharpens the mind
Improves performance
Improves overall energy
Quickly releases and absorbs in the body
Contains an effective dose of melatonin
Very affordable
All natural

Not as effective as some products with higher doses

What’s in it:

3 mg melatonin
Who makes it: Natrol is a natural vitamin and supplement company that has been producing and manufacturing quality supplements for over 35 years. Their products have achieved the highest rating from the Natural Products Association, and their facilities are Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified.

Bottom line: This product is safe, produced with quality ingredients, and made by a reliable company. It uses a great sleep aid supplement, melatonin, to help regulate your sleep wake cycle and to help you get the most beneficial sleep. This is a great product for someone who wants to start off taking a light sleep aid supplement for sleep regulation, and for extracting the health benefits of a good night sleep.

Sleep Quality: 5/10

Supplement Quality : 5/10


Sleep Consistency: 5/10

Sleep Onset : 5/10

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