NOW Foods Valerian Root

  • Sleep Quality: 6/10
  • Supplement Quality: 6/10
  • Sleep Consistency: 6/10
  • Sleep Onset : 6/10

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Supplement Facts :

  • Pros:

    Easily fall asleep after taking them.

  • Cons:

    Too strong for some people and too weak for others.

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Summary :

This product is a top sleeping pill supplement that is composed only of valerian, a plant that has natural sleep enhancing qualities. It is a capsule that will calm your nervous system and relax your body. The label instructs you to take two capsules before going to sleep. It is produced by NOW foods, a company that is known for producing quality all-natural supplements.


May increase sleep quality
May help you fall asleep faster
Simple ingredients
Calming affect
Reduces stress
All natural
Quality dose
Very inexpensive

Valerian alone is not scientifically proven as a sleep aid
May only work after it has been taken every night for a couple weeks

What’s in it:

1 g valerian root
Who makes it: This supplement is produced by NOW Foods, one of the largest (and most well-respected) companies in the supplement industry. They have nearly 50 years of experience crafting innovative and effective supplements, and today they offer over a thousand unique products.

Bottom line: This product is very safe, natural, and produced by a reliable company. It is simple and has a quality dose of valerian, which some people swear by. Though some say that valerian does help them to increase their sleep quality, it has not been clinically proven; however there have been cases in which it has reduced symptoms of insomnia. Over all, it is worth a shot if you are new to sleep supplements, because it may work for you in the long term, but the lack of ingredient diversity means that there are better options out there.

Sleep Quality: 6/10

Supplement Quality : 6/10


Sleep Consistency: 6/10

Sleep Onset : 6/10

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