Optimum Nutrition Melatonin

  • Sleep Quality: 5/10
  • Supplement Quality: 5/10
  • Sleep Consistency: 5/10
  • Sleep Onset : 5/10

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Supplement Facts :

  • Pros:

    Inexpensive supplement.

  • Cons:

    Makes you feel groggy in the morning.

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Summary :

This product is one of the best sleep supplements out there for athletes and everyday people alike! It will regulate your sleep-wake cycle, and improve the benefits of a workout to maximize your gains and performance. If you are looking to improve your athletic performance so that you can be the best you can be, this is the sleep aid supplement for you.


Promotes deeper, more restful sleep
Improves digestion through combination of quality sleep and supplementation of phosphorus
Improves skin and hair health
Promotes strength and growth
Effective dose of melatonin
Natural source of tryptophan in calcium
Calcium and Phosphorus work together in the body to promote strong muscles and bones
Extremely affordable

What’s in it:

72 mg Calcium
55 mg Phosphorus
3 mg Melatonin
Who makes it: Optimum Nutrition is a supplement company that is committed to improving sports nutrition, and helping their customers achieve better results. Their products are produced in Illinois, South Carolina, and Florida in company owned and operated facilities; they do not outsource their manufacturing. They are known for their top quality 100% gold standard whey protein which put their company on the map on 1986.

Bottom line: This supplement combines essential minerals with an effective dose of melatonin to promote healthy sleep cycles and extract the health benefits of better sleep. It is a well rounded supplement that can help those who are young and old, both men and women, athletes, and people with sleeping problems. It is produced by a great company that has its customers well-being in mind with every product they create.

Sleep Quality: 5/10

Supplement Quality : 5/10


Sleep Consistency: 5/10

Sleep Onset : 5/10

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